Candied Flag Pretzels

Can you believe it is already September? Me neither! This Monday is Labor Day, which means picnics, grilling, family, and a day off from work. Whether you are hosting or attending a get-together for this holiday, here is a fun treat that will disappear quickly! Make sure you hide some for later!

I made these super fun and easy Candied Flag Pretzels for the 4th of July this year but they’re equally fitting for labor day. These pretzels were a bit time consuming, but definitely worth the time it took to put them together. Don’t get me wrong, they are very easy to make. You will see what I mean.

Candied Flag PretzelsChapins Family Vacation 070a

  • Square pretzels
  • Red, white, and blue candy melts
  • White nonpareils sprinkles

Lay out the pretzels on your work surface; I suggest using a silicone baking mat. Make sure to pick pretzels that are not broken. Take the blue candy melts and melt them either in a melting pot or by heating gradually in the microwave. To heat in the microwave, place candy in heat safe container and microwave in intervals of 30 seconds and stirring until it is smooth and completely melted. Prepare an icing bag with a #3 tip at the end. When the candy is melted carefully fill the icing bag and tie off the end with a rubber band. Fill in the four squares of the pretzel in the upper left corner. Before the candy sets sprinkle lightly with the white sprinkles. Next, melt the white candy melts just as you did with the blue. Clean the icing tip and prepare a new icing bag. Fill with the white candy and add stripes to the pretzels, filling in the holes. Repeat with the red candy melts, filling in the last strips of pretzel. Allow the pretzels to set completely before moving to a serving platter. Enjoy!

Step-by-Step Photos

Chapins Family Vacation 002I use the Wilton chocolate and candy melts melting pot to heat the candy. This thing is so handy! Not only can you use it to make these fun treats, but you can also use it for a chocolate fondue party! Chocolate dipped strawberries anybody?

Chapins Family Vacation 005Prepare an icing bag with a #3 tip at the end, it allows for more control. I really enjoy Wilton baking products, can you tell?

Chapins Family Vacation 007Once the candy is melted and smooth, pour it into the prepared icing bag and tie off the end with a rubber band. Keep in mind, the candy is very hot! I used one hand to guide the tip and covered my other hand with an oven mitt to hold and squeeze the icing bag. Fill in the top four squares in the upper left hand corner with the blue candy.

Chapins Family Vacation 008Before the blue candy sets, sprinkle with the white nonpareils. I filled in a few pretzels, sprinkled those with sprinkles, filled in a few more pretzels with blue… lather, rinse, repeat.

Chapins Family Vacation 032Melt the white candy and prepare another icing bag. Take the white candy and fill in the lines with holes. You may need to make two swipes in order to fill in the openings.

Chapins Family Vacation 048Lastly, melt the red candy and fill in the last stripes on your pretzels. Don’t these look fun? Allow the candy to set before moving to a serving platter. These took a while to finish because I had to wash the icing tip and melting pot between each color, but they were still easy and worth it!

Chapins Family Vacation 070Be careful and don’t blink; these will disappear quickly! If you enjoy the white dipped pretzels that pop up around the holiday season, you will love these just as much! I saw this idea originally on an episode of Nerdy Nummies. I am a bit obsessed with this Youtube channel, as she has the most creative ideas! I highly recommend checking out this channel.


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