My Blogging Adventure Starts Here

Hello again my friends, I recently signed up for the blogging course “Blogging 101”. I’m very excited to go through these daily tasks and hopefully, you and I will see an improvement in my posts because of this course. Isn’t it fantastic that there is so much support and help available here? I already feel welcomed into the blogging community.

The first assignment is to share with you who I am and why I am here. I have shared some of this information in my “About” page. But I’m happy to share some more on this question.

Here is my little family: my husband (whom I fondly refer to as Mr. C), our son (Baby C), and me! My name is Jessica and I am excited to share my ideas with you.

My family and I live in central Missouri with our silly dog Susie.

Isn’t she a cutie? She was snuggled up with one of my son’s stuffed animals, a white owl I fondly named Hedwig. That’s a discussion for another day!

I am very fortunate to be staying home with our son. He just turned eight months old. That goofball always keeps me on my toes! When I do have some spare time I try to work on my many hobbies. One of my hobbies is to read cookbooks and write down any recipe that I want to try. I check out cookbooks from the library, browse Pinterest, and follow other awesome cooks for inspiration.

Why have I decided to share my journey with you publicly? Well, I have followed several cooking blogs over time and I greatly enjoy seeing how other’s think things through and experiment to reach a specific goal.

My goal is to branch out and actually try all of these recipes that I have written down. Hopefully I will stay motivated by sharing the recipes through my blog.

I want Modest Bites to connect with my family and friends as well as any other person interested in recipes that are usually simple, fairly cheap, and always satisfying.

Please share you thoughts about my blog with me. Tell me what I can improve, what you enjoy, and anything you’d like to see!

Here is another adorable photo of my handsome little fella. He was having so much fun swinging!


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