Game Controller Cupcakes

Getting cupcakes from the bakery can be very convenient, but very expensive. Why should you pay for someone else to decorate cupcakes when you can easily do it at home for a fraction of the cost? We celebrated Mr. C’s birthday last week, and of course I just had to play with my baking toys and make a yummy treat in honor of his big day.

021My husband is an incredible nerd, but he is my nerd and I love him for it. Mr. C could spend days playing video games if I let him, so I thought it would be quite fitting to make fun themed cupcakes because… why not?

This post is not about the recipe for cupcakes (I have a secret, I used a boxed cake mix so the process would be easier), I am focusing on the decorations. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to baking and decorating, but it is a fun process to learn!

Step-by-Step Photos

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 002First things first, you will want to have your cupcakes baked and cooled before decorating. Frosting a warm cupcake is a bad idea; your frosting will wilt faster than a popsicle on an August afternoon. Here I have the things I used to decorate the cupcakes: a candy melting pot, chocolate candy melts, frosting, orange colored sugar, and a classic video game controller mold. If you’re interested in getting any of these supplies of your own, click on the links I included.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 006Pour your chocolate candy melts into the melting pot and turn it to the highest setting. While the chocolate melts, stir it every so often and try not to lick the spoon. It is far too tempting, I’m not even kidding.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 012Once your chocolate is melted and smooth you are ready to fill the molds. This melting pot has a low setting that keeps the chocolate melted but prevents it from getting too hot and clumping up.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 015This time I put the chocolate in a squeeze bottle to have more control while filling the mold. I have also used a spoon to scoop the chocolate into the mold – I suggest you use whatever method you feel the most comfortable with. The spoon was faster to fill the mold, but a bit messier. The squeeze bottle took more time, but I had less chocolate to clean off my counter. Baking is a messy thing, what can I say?

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 017Squeeze that liquid joy into the mold. I know it looks funky right now, but we’re going to take care of that.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 024See? Trust me, I’ll take care of you. Use a toothpick to smooth the chocolate and tap the toothpick into the mold to get the chocolate to fill all of the nooks and crannies.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 049Lightly tap the whole mold against your counter. Doing this will make any air bubbles come to the surface. Put the mold in your freezer and allow to set for at least 10-15 minutes. Be careful, don’t take it out too soon.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 034Here are the chocolates all nice and solid.  You can see where some more bubbles popped after I placed the mold in the freezer, but that is alright because these are the backs of our decorations and I wasn’t too worried about that.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 039To remove the chocolates, carefully peel the sides of the silicone mold away from candy and gently press from the bottom to pop the chocolates out of the mold. It takes a few tries to get comfortable, so don’t worry if you find a better method for yourself.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 046Once you have popped all of the chocolate controllers out of the mold I suggest placing them on a plate and putting them in the refrigerator. I found it easier to make sure my fingers didn’t melt the chocolate if it was already nice and cold. As you can see these aren’t perfect, but they are still pretty darn cute. Like I said, I am still learning. Repeat the process until you have the desired number of chocolates for your cupcakes.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 029Here is a baking trick I learned when using tips without a coupler set (coupler sets are fantastic): when I set up this icing bag without a coupler, the tip kept moving around and I wasn’t sure if it would stay put while I filled the bag. My solution was to take a rubberband and tie it off loosely so that I could fill the bag without any worries. Once it is filled, you can remove the rubberband and press the frosting down into the tip.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 051Here is another fun tip: set your icing bag up in a tall glass so you can fill the bag easily.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 053My cupcakes are cooled and the icing is ready to go! Let’s do this.

I’m still working on getting my icing technique down, but what I have come up with is to start with a small line from the center, and go toward the outside. Then follow the outside of the cupcake and swirl it into the center.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 066All frosted! I have a lot to learn on how to flawlessly frost cupcakes, but the good thing about these decorations is that the frosting is not the most important thing, it’s more like the glue that holds it all together.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 070Next up, sprinkle your cupcakes with the orange sugar. My husbands favorite color is brown, can you believe that? Because the game controllers are brown I wanted to add another pop of color to these cupcakes.

Modest Bites- Game Controller Cupcakes 072Last, but certainly not least, top your cupcakes with the chocolate game controllers! In order to steady the controllers I pressed them into the frosting, and I pressed a few into the cupcake. How cute are these?

I am so excited with how these cupcakes turned out! They are fun and a great alternative to spending tons of money at the bakery. Not only do you get a tasty cupcake, but you get a chocolate bar as a bonus. Boom! I got several compliments on how these cupcakes looked, someone even told me they looked professional which made me smile like a goof.



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