Hearts over Football

While everybody else is stocking up on chips and pinning recipes for dips and hot wings, I am busy day-dreaming all of the possibilities of what I can do with my new heart shaped silicone mold!

Would you hate me if I told you I have never watched a Superbowl? In high school I went to football games solely to talk about boys with my friends and drink hot chocolate. With Valentine’s Day in a week, I am more excited about heart shaped foods than I am football!

For Mr. C and I, our Valentine’s day will be quiet and low-key; if you are very budget conscious like we are, your Valentine’s day may be very similar. We aren’t going out for an expensive dinner, but we still want to celebrate the day! With my heart shaped silicone mold the first thing to come to mind are adorable heart shaped cupcakes, but I am determined to show that there are loads of possibilities!

Valentine’s Day 2016 Series: My goal for the next week is to experiment making heart shaped foods to inspire you for the upcoming holiday. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert – I can’t wait to explore the possibilities!


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