Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Bash!

This last weekend my little man and I drove 5 hours to see my high school best friend, Christina, to help her pull together a joint birthday party for her little Mouseketeers! I can’t believe her little girl is almost 3 and her baby boy just turned a year old. Their birthdays are about 1 month apart so it just made sense to do a combined party for the two of them.

It was wonderful to see our kids playing while Christina and I pulled everything together in the kitchen. Our inner kids came out as we planned the Mickey Mouse Club House themed treats and managed to pull it all together by the seat of our pants!

I never thought I would say this, but I really really enjoy party planning! Despite the stress of time management and making sure all of our grand schemes come together I really enjoy the whole process.

First things first… the food! Food is on my mind all day, everyday, 24/7. This is my favorite part of party planning. Oh come on, what’s better?

Christina baked a beautiful cake and made homemade fondant. Together we pulled our amateur decorating skills together and made a precious Toodles cake. Donald’s Bubble Bath was our drink (Hawaiian punch with marshmallows and whipped cream), along with vegetables from Goofy’s garden, Minnie’s Bowtie Pasta, Toodle’s Fruit Salad, Hot Diggity Dogs, Pluto’s Sticks (candy coated pretzels), and Daisy’s Paint Brush (candy dipped rice crispy treats). I think we did a pretty good job getting creative with these treats! 

2016-07-09 14.27.26

After finalizing the food we brainstormed different activities. I was surprised to see how many “Pin the nose/tail on Mickey” ideas there were floating around the internets, but then it struck me that we could do “Pin the Bow on Minnie”. Christina pulled out her sketch book and drew Minnie and we printed off several bows for all the kids to color before taking turns trying to place the bow while blindfolded. Two activities in one. Good deal!

Along with eating, mingling, playing this game, and opening presents we kept plenty busy during the party.

The birthday boy and girl seemed to have a good time! What is it with toddlers and hamming it up for the camera? Tell Josie to ‘say cheese’ and you’ll be impressed! Bradyn was so intense while eating his cake, look at that face! “Don’t even think about it!”

Mr. Sam kept me on my toes. 2016-07-09 15.57.16Between trying to help with the party and continuously chasing after him when he would try to wander out of the room, I am pretty sure I got my workout for the week! Where is my Fitbit when I need it? It was like trying to herd cats!

But we got to see Nana Lisa and my cousin Emily along with other friends that I haven’t seen in years. It was great to catch up.

During clean-up I sat Sam down in front of the piano to keep him distracted long enough for us to finish up. He and Josie made a great duet! 

Today, I wore a shirt that had piano keys across the chest, he thought they would have the same effect and decided to try it out while we were out in public. Isn’t motherhood an adventure?

Check out Christina’s YouTube channel here to see more precious videos of her kiddos. 



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