Slow-Cooker Zesty Italian Beef: Part Two

Remember that delicious Zesty Italian Beef I made yesterday? Of course you do!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting this delicious beef take a look!


Dinner #1- a comforting plateful of mashed potatoes, creamed peas, and a huge pile of beef with the broth spooned all over the meat and potatoes. Swoon worthy!

Dinner #2- a groan inducing beef sandwich with the most flavorful broth to dip it in!

So this is love, hmmm…


These were some homemade hoagie buns I attempted, but I would say that I definitely need to work on that recipe a bit more. These rolls were quite tasty but the dough was a little tricky.

Oh well, that just means I have an excuse to keep practicing!


Pile on the meat and spoon yourself a bowl of broth to dip. I wish I had an extra jar of banana peppers on hand as a topping, but I didn’t think far enough in advance. This is my life.

And, because I couldn’t bring myself to think of any other side, grab a handful of fresh veggies for a good crunch.

Sometimes I am super lazy… ultra lazy.

I can deal with being lazy.


The flavor in this meat is so delightfully tangy and unlike any other recipe I have tasted.

If you have any reservations against trying it, don’t fret! It is wonderful, glorious, and mouth watering!

Enjoy my lovelies



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