Step-by-Step Two Easy Peasy Holiday Treats: Rice Crispy Christmas Trees and Candy Dipped Pretzels

Alright, alright I know it’s January 3rd… yes I know the holidays are over (you don’t have to rub it in). But I promised I would share some step-by-step photos of the holiday treats I posted and now you can day dream about them all year until next December.

Actually, these treats are so fun and customizable that you can change them to fit just about any special occasion, even if that special occasion is just your everyday lunch.


To start these ultra festive Christmas tree rice crispy treats cut a big batch of rice crispy treats into triangles (or use a tree cookie cutter if you want them to be even more adorable). Also grab yourself a few candy canes and break them up into short sticks, there is really no special technique for breaking the candy canes just go for it.


Now jam the candy cane trunks into the bottom of your little trees.


Next, grab some green candy melts. Have I told you how much I love these things?


Melt them according to package directions, good job!


Once the candy is melted splatter the trees with reckless abandon.

Or just drizzle it gently and avoid getting candy all over your shirt. Pick your battles.


For a fun pop of color I sprinkled rainbow sprinkles over the wet candy but you can use your imagination for decoration. Show me what you came up with!


Awe, so festive!


Life would be complete if I could find large star shaped candy or sprinkles but despite my search I had no luck. This step is optional, but I felt like my trees needed a little gold.


Add a little more candy melts to the tippy top of the Christmas tree…


And sprinkle with pretty gold sprinkles!

Or a star shaped candy, or something else equally creative.


Now we’re on to the candy coated pretzels, one of my favorite treats!

These bad boys are the perfect combination of sweet and salty, they make me happy.

This time I grabbed chocolate candy melts and almond bark but you can use white candy melts or regular melting chocolate.

I also grabbed all of the sprinkles I could find in my cabinets, I definitely need more…


I love my candy melting pot, it is so so so handy when I’m spending hours in the kitchen candy dipping thousands of pretzels.

I may have exaggerated just a bit…

Only just a bit.


I started with pretzel rods because they remind me of a magic wand.

Find magic where ever you can in life.


Lay the chocolate covered pretzel rods onto a wax paper lined baking sheet and sprinkle with whatever your heart desires. I had some crushed peppermints leftover from the chocolate candy cane cookies I made earlier, why not?


Gold sprinkles for life!


Don’t forget regular pretzels!


Use a fork to lift the pretzel out of the chocolate and tap the fork against the side of the candy melting pot to shake off the excess chocolate.


Lay these cuties on a wax paper lined baking sheet as well and go crazy with the sprinkles.

I couldn’t stop!


Rainbow sprinkles for life!


Don’t forget about the almond bark! Repeat all of the steps above for even more delicious treats.

Told ya I made thousands of these things!


These treats are delicious any time of the year and they were among the first things to disappear over Christmas. Yum!


These no-bake treats are so easy, fun, and customizable! I passed out these treats to our friends and family and everybody swooned over them.

I hope your holidays were very merry and full of delicious food!


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