Happy Pi (3.14) Day!

It Pi day! Hip hip hooray!

It is becoming a tradition in my household to play around with different pie recipes for this oh so special day. This last weekend I decided to make savory meat hand pies one day and the next day I used the same idea to make an Irish Meat and Potato pot pie. Yum!

I deeply apologize for not having recipes to share with you for those yummies, BUT I felt like there were places I could definitely improve upon the flavor and texture.

I needed more gravy! Story of my life…

So anyways, I basically cooked up a mixture of ground beef, onions, carrots, diced potatoes, and made a gravy with a splash of Guinness and beef broth, bake that in a premade refrigerated pie crust and you have Irish Pot Pie! *I accept responsibility for that run on sentence.* Not too difficult and tasty! When I am happy with the recipe I will share it with you. Sound good? Good.

On the other side of the pie spectrum you can celebrate Pi day with pizza! Sometimes referred to as pie, pizza is a perfectly acceptable meal to celebrate this righteously mathematical day!

Need some recipe ideas for today? Look no further…


Pepperoni Pizzadillas are a perfect speedy dinner for a busy Tuesday evening!


Oreo Pudding Pie may be a loose interpretation of the word “Pie” but it is still so delicious!


Pepperoni French Bread Pizzas are another delicious and ultra quick dinner. My boys and I just love these!

Modest Bites- Strawberry Hand Pies and Chicken Pot Pie 247a

Chicken Pot Pie is such a fantastic comfort food classic. We heart it in our house, what about you? This recipe is made easy by using a refrigerated pie crust, nothing wrong with that!

Modest Bites- Strawberry Hand Pies and Chicken Pot Pie 121a

Strawberry Hand-Pies are a delicious treat for everybody. Aren’t they cute?

Modest Bites- Pronto Pizza Rolls 096a

During my Valentine’s day series last year I made these pizza rolls in my heart shaped silicone mold but you can use a regular ol’ muffin tin with this recipe and enjoy delicious Pronto Pizza Rolls tonight.

Happy Pi (Pie) Day!


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