Rainy Day Toddler Activity: Everyday-Shapes Puzzle

When I am stuck in doors with Sam it can get a little hairy (read: I feel like I am losing my mind). 

His battle for independence, the whining, and his endless supply of energy makes for one tired mama by the end of the day. That is why I am so grateful for simple activities such as this that keep his focus long enough for me to collect myself and drink that cup of cold coffee I made two hours ago. 

Making a super fast puzzle is easy and entertaining for my 2 1/2 year old. Using everyday objects as part of his puzzle is really entertaining to him. 

First, pick out small objects that are safe for your kiddo to handle. I used a key for this but if you have a little one who still puts things in their mouth you may want to pick other mouth friendly objects. 

Also, grab a piece of paper and a sharpie. I always keep scrap paper handy for coloring, notes, and random activities such as this.

Other ideas for objects: tooth brush, hair bow, doll clothes, different sized bottle caps, toy car, cotton swab, rocks, etc etc etc.

The next step is pretty obvious, trace your objects with a sharpie. Please ignore my messy lines, Sam was trying to “help” by climbing in my lap and bumping my hands.

You know how it is, these kids are so darn helpful.

Done! Now let your little work at matching the objects to the shapes on your easy-peasy puzzle.

Ha. Check out the boxes in the background… they are full of picture frames that still need to find places on the wall. These boxes have sat here long enough that they have become part of the decor. That’s okay right?

Sam seemed a little more interested in play fighting (“pay sighting”) with the spatula than anything else. 

I hope this helps entertain your littles for a few minutes so you can enjoy your cold coffee as well!

Sometimes all we need is a few minutes.


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