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My name is Jessica and I live in central Missouri with my husband, Mr. C, my son, Baby C, and our lazy dog, Susie. When our son was born I decided to stay home with him which has been a huge blessing. He keeps me plenty busy, but I still try to find time to do things I enjoy. These things include, but are not limited to: reading, sewing, furiously pinning craft ideas and recipes on Pinterest, and sometimes… I actually make some of those recipes!

One of my weirdest hobbies is handwriting recipe after recipe into a stack of recipe journals that I have been collecting. Regrettably, I have tried very few of the recipes I have transcribed.

Because I am staying home with my son, our budget it incredibly tight. But, let’s be honest… I LOVE to eat! While I love to eat, I also enjoy paying our bills and keeping our bank account in the positive.

The goal of writing this blog is to share my collection of recipes with you. Our budget is tight and I do not claim to be a master chef, hence the name “Modest Bites”. You won’t find anything too fancy here, but hopefully, you will find something you are happy to bring to your table.


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  1. I must admit my husband to be does all the cooking and baking in the house. I think that is because of my strange eating habits. I snack a lot. I’m like a cow. Grazing throughout the day. I too have a gorgeous daughter and I too have little money. I’m planning to move back to France but the situation is complicated without writing an essay in this post.:) Even though I love food too and I have made such progress with my own eating. I long for the day I can eat what I want without feeling guilty. I love them name of your blog btw


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