Super Bowl Eats

The big game is just a few short days away! The hubby and I are going to an actual Superbowl party… I know, I’m probably even more surprised than you are.

If you know me it probably won’t surprise you that I have never actually watched a Superbowl game, or really cared about football in general. Please don’t hate me for that!

I’ve never been big into sports, but what I am big into is getting together with friends and eating good food! And that is exactly what I’m planning on doing.

Today, I thought I would share with you some tasty ideas for your own Superbowl party. Continue reading “Super Bowl Eats”


Enchilada Sauce

There is just something wonderful about making your own enchilada sauce. It brings your meal to a whole new level, not to mention its wallet friendly!

This may not be the most authentic recipe but it packs tons of flavor and is simple to boot.

You’re not about to hear me complain over here!

The following recipe is the equivalent to about 2 cans worth of enchilada sauce- ish. It may actually be a bit more than that but again, you won’t hear me complain!

Sure, you can halve the recipe but I figure if I am going through the trouble to make a batch of sauce I might as well make enough to freeze some for later. Who’s with me?

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Recipe Flop Disappointment

Isn’t it disappointing when you are so excited to try a recipe and it turns out just bleh! Floating around all over the interwebs you can find so many fellow bloggers sharing “Man Pleasing Chicken” or even “World’s Best Chicken”! The recipe is the same- dijon mustard, maple syrup, a splash of vinegar, salt, pepper, and rosemary all to make a beautiful looking baked chicken. I have been drooling over those photos for ages and finally tried it yesterday.


Doesn’t it look good? The pros- The chicken was moist, it was extremely easy to pull together, and the veggie pasta I served with it was delicious… The cons- I just did not like these flavors together. I encourage you to try it if you think it is something you would like, but unfortunately, this recipe is not going into my recipe box.

When the hubby took a bite I asked how he liked it and my only response was a pause in chewing, a slight frown, and a shake of the head. He was a trouper and ate most of his plate, but I can tell he would rather this not show up on the dinner table again.

If you have tried this recipe before, what ratio of ingredients did you use? What did you like about it? Share your favorite mustard chicken recipes with me, I have had my head wrapped around a dijon chicken recipe but haven’t had a break through yet.