Slow Cooker Cajun Pot Roast

This roast was hollerin’ at me from the freezer.

You know how it is. You stock up the freezer when meat is on sale and you have to get creative when you’re trying to use it up. I have recently made my favorite Classic Pot Roast so I needed something a little different to spice things up.

Ha! I sure did that! I took my classic pot roast for a fun and delicious Cajun spin.

This slow cooker Cajun pot roast was so easy but packed a serious flavor punch. I love making a big roast and re-purposing the meat for different meals throughout that week, that’s called thrifty kitchen sense. I just made that up. But it’s a good idea. Continue reading “Slow Cooker Cajun Pot Roast”

Sausage and Spinach Pasta

Have you made any New Year resolutions? I have… to share more desserts, to share more salads, to eat more butter, to eat more greens.

It’s all about balance here in 2017.

If you’re trying to eat more greens like I am, this is exactly the kind of recipe you want.

Don’t let the amount of butter startle you, it’s delicious. Own it! Continue reading “Sausage and Spinach Pasta”

Step-by-Step Two Easy Peasy Holiday Treats: Rice Crispy Christmas Trees and Candy Dipped Pretzels

Alright, alright I know it’s January 3rd… yes I know the holidays are over (you don’t have to rub it in). But I promised I would share some step-by-step photos of the holiday treats I posted and now you can day dream about them all year until next December.

Actually, these treats are so fun and customizable that you can change them to fit just about any special occasion, even if that special occasion is just your everyday lunch. Continue reading “Step-by-Step Two Easy Peasy Holiday Treats: Rice Crispy Christmas Trees and Candy Dipped Pretzels”

Two Easy Peasy Holiday Treats: Rice Crispy Christmas Trees and Candy Dipped Pretzels

Holiday baking is in full swing! I have baked dozens of cookies over the last week and eaten way more than I am willing to admit to. You’ll have to torture the number outta me! 

But please, whatever you do, don’t take away my cookies! 

While the oven is running nonstop it is nice to have a good holiday treat that doesn’t require baking. That’s where the simplicity of rice crispy treats and candy dipped pretzels come into play. They are so delicious and easily customizable for any occasion, I just can’t get enough of them.

I didn’t end up having Sam help me this year but both of these treats would be fun to make with your kiddos. Maybe next year he will be ready, this year I can only imagine the horror of unleashing him on these treats. It would be chaos!

Now, I apologize in advance for my scatterbrained nature. We are at the grandparents house for Christmas and just guess what I forgot… my computer. My how-to photos for these treats are on my computer back at home and I am typing this on my phone and hoping that the pictures on my phone will be sufficient for now. 

I pinky swear that I will share the how-to photos with you as soon as I can!

Anyways, back to the treats.

First, let’s talk about these Christmas tree rice crispy treats! Remember the recipe for rice crispy treats I shared with you the other day? Of course you do! 

Start with a nice big batch of rice crispy treats and after they have set up cut them into triangles. 

Or, if you’re not scatterbrained like me, I know we covered this already, use a Christmas tree cookie cutter to make them even more adorable! 

Break up a few candy canes and insert a short “trunk” into the bottom of your trees. Next, grab some green candy melts and follow the melting instructions on the bag. Once melted, drizzle the candy over the rice crispy tree in a fun and wild pattern. 

Drizzle as much or as little as your heart desires. My heart desired a lot more candy than I allowed myself to use so what I’m saying is I don’t want you to miss out on that opportunity like I did. 

Before the candy sets grab what ever sprinkles or decoration you’d like to use and go to town! I just used sprinkles this time but you could also attach mini m&ms or crushed candy canes or leave the tree unadorned. Once again, follow your heart. 

If you possess large star sprinkles use a dab of green candy melts to attach the star to the top of the tree. I had no luck finding the stars, even though I looked at 2 stores, and ended up just using some gold sprinkles. Ah well, they still taste good! 

Now, let’s look at these candy coated pretzels! Grab melting chocolate, almond bark, candy melts etc. and get them all melty melty according to the package directions. Dip your pretzels and sprinkle wildly with sprinkles,  crushed candy, different candy melts, or even chopped nuts! 

Endless possibilities, endless deliciousness! 

If you’re planning to hand out Christmas treats to your family and friends don’t bother spending extra cash on decorative boxes. If you are an obsessive box collector like I am you probably have the perfect treat boxes ready to use! 

This box was left over from Sam’s baby shower (2 years ago, yikes!) and I grabbed some tape, scissors, and pretty wrapping paper.

Trace the top of the box onto the wrapping paper and cut it out. To clean up the edges a bit fold over a 1/4 inch and tape it down. 

Tape the wrapping paper to the top of the lid with double sided tape. Pretty!

Add your treats and a bow! Ta-da! 

I also made chocolate candy cane cookies and my favorite spicy cereal party mix to give to our friends. Delicious!

Have a merry and delicious Christmas! 

Rice Crispy Treats

What makes rice crispy treats so gosh darn delicious? I’m sure it has nothing to due with the copious amounts of marshmallows.

Instead of spending extra money on these treats from the store you should try making these delightful goodies yourself. They are unbelievably easy, so delicious, and cheap!

I make these treats so often that I am actually surprised it took me so long to share this recipe with you. Continue reading “Rice Crispy Treats”

Classic Potato Soup

It’s December! When did that happen?

So basically, it’s Christmas and more importantly… it’s soup season! Alright, maybe my priorities are a little mixed up.

But sometimes after a hectic day when you want to just cuddle under a blanket and watch your favorite zombie show (any Walking Dead fans in the audience?) it’s therapeutic to sip on a steaming bowl of comforting classic potato soup with your favorite toppings.

Even if you’re not watching a gory zombie show this comfort food is definitely welcome in our house during these cold months.

Living in the Midwest is definitely an adventure when it comes to weather. Just a month ago it was still warm and lovely outside and now, as if Mother Nature has it out for us, the frigid wind is cutting straight through our layers of sweat pants, sweat shirts and thick coats. Sometimes I feel like that meme that goes around every winter- Why do I live in a place where the wind hurts my face? Continue reading “Classic Potato Soup”

One-Pot Meal: Sausage, Potatoes and Green Beans

Here is another simple and fast recipe for those days when you have no will power to pull supper together but you know you have to anyhow.

So after you’ve thrown a fit and whined that there is nothing to eat in this darn house, just pull on your big girl pants and throw supper into the pot.

I can’t even begin to describe how often I ate this while growing up. I’m fairly sure we had it at least once a week, and why not? It’s simple, yet still tasty.

Nothing fancy or complicated in this post. If you’re here looking for some culinary masterpiece you should run far far away, far far away. But if you’re in need of a meal that requires almost no work and definitely no mental strain, keep reading. Continue reading “One-Pot Meal: Sausage, Potatoes and Green Beans”

Pepperoni Pizzadillas

With how hectic and worn out I’ve been lately I have needed to come up with ultra fast and easy meals to fill our bellies.

Do you like pizza? Do you like quesadillas? Can’t decide which you want the most? Don’t decide, make these super-duper pizzadillas! Did that sound like an infomercial? If so, are you sold?

I am!

Anyways, you’ll be more than happy when you make these Pizzadillas (isn’t that a fun word?) because not only will you have happy eaters at your table, you’ll have supper on the table in no time at all. That’s the kind of meal I’m looking for nowadays. Continue reading “Pepperoni Pizzadillas”

You put a spell on me

Oh guys, I have missed you! It’s been a little crazy round here and I have missed talking with ya. I started working part time at the grocery store as an overnight stocker and it has drained me. I’m still spending my days running after my toddler, add two nights where I don’t get any sleep and it leaves this mama hurtin’ for a nap. It seems to take me a while to catch up and feel energetic and then I have to do it all again. Phew, it’s not the most ideal situation but I’m keeping my eyes open for other opportunities. Maybe a bakery, or catering job is in my future so I am keeping my eyes forward.

And now I’m here. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve touched base with you and I promise to try to be better about this whole bloggy-blog!

I know I’m a little late to the game but let me show you how much fun we had this halloween. My mother-in-law and I had a ton of fun planning an adult halloween party and it was a much needed distraction!

Bats! This was a such a simple DIY halloween decoration, love it! My hubby helped by drawing the original bat outline and then I grabbed some black cardstock and some pretty sparkly scrap book paper, then traced- cut- repeat. Fold the wings up a bit to add a 3D effect and haphazardly tape them to the wall in a somewhat sweepy bat formation. Sweepy? Forgive me, I am running on a 2 hour nap since yesterday morning.

Next, I have to show off these crazy cool cupcakes I made for the party. Not to toot my own horn but- toot toot! I made a batch of regular ol’ vanilla cupcakes and a batch of red velvet cupcakes, dramatic and delicious! I found those spiderweb cupcake wrappers on amazon. We also found the spider mold on amazon, gotta love the place!

Just so you know, if you choose to work with cotton candy to make a cool “web” decoration wait until the VERY last second to add the cotton candy. Cotton candy is so persnickety and will begin melting from any heat or moisture from the frosting. The cotton candy did make a neat web effect, but within a couple of hours it had completely melted with made this lady frown.

We can’t forget about the rest of the food… A murderously delicious cheesecake. I forgot to include a photo of the crazy good zesty strawberry puree we poured on top. Bloody delightful! Don’t forget the eyeball deviled eggs. We flavored these bad boys with horseradish and lightly tinted them green, added a slice of pimiento stuffed green olive and smiled at how clever we were.

It wasn’t all sweets and eyeballs at this halloween party, we also made zesty Italian beef and enjoyed it on hawaiian rolls. Last, but certainly not least, I made a batch of jalapeno popper crescent rolls that disappeared very quickly. Don’t worry, I’ll share those bad boys with you soon enough.

Decorations! There are so many crazy cool halloween decoration available and it was fun setting it all up. A haunted typewriter, homemade spell ingredients and potions, a mythical wreath, and more. What fun!

Mr. Sam got to stay up long enough to say hello and roar around in his dragon costume and then it was bedtime for that little boy!

I mean dragon.

It was a very accurate costume.

I was the renaissance maiden to his dragon and hubby decided to be Kavinsky. If you’re not aware of what/who that is a google and youtube search will show you the strange 80’s techno music that Kavinsky is linked to. It’s all a little bit over my head to say that least. No, my husband was not my knight in shining armor to save me from the dragon, but at least he decided on something that he actually liked, even if it makes me roll my eyes.

Sam had a good time going to different events and showing off his costume, everyone thought he was the cutest little dragon and I agreed!

Stay tuned for a couple of recipe posts coming your way very soon, you deserve it after waiting this long.

Ta ta for now!

Bratwurst and Sour Cream

Today is my lovely mother’s birthday. She would have been 54 years old this year. I can’t believe it has been almost 4 years since she passed away and I miss her all the time. One of my favorite memories is my mother making this delicious meal for us. It was our special dinner and a royal treat!

My mother always said that when you try this recipe you either love it or hate it. And I absolutely love it! Thankfully, most of the guests we served it to loved it as well.

In our household we call this “Bratwurst and Sour Cream” but I realize that this name is a little confusing for an outsider.

We’ve got hearty bratwurst, onions, a mellow beer flavor and the creamy goodness that sour cream brings to the mix. All of that delicious sauce is served over a mountain of spaghetti noodles and all is right with the world.

Seriously guys, this meal soothes my soul and brings back many happy memories.

Here is a toast to my lovely mother, she was my rock while growing up and she did everything in her power to give me everything even when it felt like we had nothing. I’m sad that Sam doesn’t get to know my mother as his grandma but I won’t let her memory be forgotten. I know we are well looked after from heaven. Continue reading “Bratwurst and Sour Cream”