Happy Pi (3.14) Day!

It Pi day! Hip hip hooray!

It is becoming a tradition in my household to play around with different pie recipes for this oh so special day. This last weekend I decided to make savory meat hand pies one day and the next day I used the same idea to make an Irish Meat and Potato pot pie. Yum!

I deeply apologize for not having recipes to share with you for those yummies, BUT I felt like there were places I could definitely improve upon the flavor and texture.

I needed more gravy! Story of my life…

So anyways, I basically cooked up a mixture of ground beef, onions, carrots, diced potatoes, and made a gravy with a splash of Guinness and beef broth, bake that in a premade refrigerated pie crust and you have Irish Pot Pie! *I accept responsibility for that run on sentence.* Not too difficult and tasty! When I am happy with the recipe I will share it with you. Sound good? Good.

On the other side of the pie spectrum you can celebrate Pi day with pizza! Sometimes referred to as pie, pizza is a perfectly acceptable meal to celebrate this righteously mathematical day!

Need some recipe ideas for today? Look no further… Continue reading “Happy Pi (3.14) Day!”


Pepperoni Pizzadillas

With how hectic and worn out I’ve been lately I have needed to come up with ultra fast and easy meals to fill our bellies.

Do you like pizza? Do you like quesadillas? Can’t decide which you want the most? Don’t decide, make these super-duper pizzadillas! Did that sound like an infomercial? If so, are you sold?

I am!

Anyways, you’ll be more than happy when you make these Pizzadillas (isn’t that a fun word?) because not only will you have happy eaters at your table, you’ll have supper on the table in no time at all. That’s the kind of meal I’m looking for nowadays. Continue reading “Pepperoni Pizzadillas”

Pepperoni French Bread Pizzas

I hope everybody had a fantastic 4th of July holiday! While we were hoping to spend the weekend on the lake splashing in the water and cruising on the boat, we were kept indoors by the rain and by a sick toddler. Poor Sam caught a nasty bug last week and he is still recuperating. Thankfully he is on the mend, but my sweet boy was not feeling up to doing much this weekend.

Even though it rained cats and dogs all weekend, we got to spend quality time with our family eating delicious vacation food and playing cards. Not to mention, this happened…

2016-07-03 15.51.54 We played dress up and had a group picture taken at Old Time Photos. Since Sam was sick he was in no mood to play dress up, but we wrangled him into a costume and held him tight. He actually smiled for this photo, but immediately after he started crying and that was the end of that. Despite the stress of trying to keep my sick baby happy I am still in love with this photo and the memories it holds.

Never a dull moment with this clan: playing with cousins, snuggles with Grandpa, and especially snuggles between me and my little man! Don’t forget about the fun themed treats I brought along to share with everybody… Patriotic Hard Candies, red velvet cake balls, and Spiderman cookie pops! I tell you what, those Spiderman cookie pops went over REALLY well with the cousins!

After the busy weekend, and the extra rich vacation food (see above), I needed something simple and quick to throw together that satisfied all of our hungry tummies. Cue the basic pepperoni french bread pizzas!

This is a great meal to toss in the oven when you have a leftover loaf of french bread from the weekend. Personally, I always keep pepperoni in the freezer and I was lucky enough to have a jar of homemade pizza sauce hiding in the freezer as well. My kitchen angel was watching over me today. Continue reading “Pepperoni French Bread Pizzas”

Valentine’s Day 2016 Series: Pronto Pizza Rolls

Happy Belated Pizza Day! I know I am late, but pizza is pizza and it is delicious no matter what day it is. There are many heart shaped pizza crusts floating around Pinterest, which is a neat idea for Valentine’s day, but let’s take it up a notch! These pizza rolls are fast, fun, and will be a big hit with the kiddos.

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