Taco Taters

One of the downfalls of cooking for two people (our toddler hardly counts) is that sometimes I get a little carried away and we basically have to eat leftovers for an entire week. That can get a little tedious and so trying to revamp leftovers has become a fun game for me so we don’t lose our minds eating the same thing over and over again.

Last week, I made tacos… a lot of tacos. So many tacos.

To get creative with the taco meat I decided to slap it on some baked potatoes as a hearty and tasty alternative. Continue reading “Taco Taters”


Beef Tacos with Avocado Cream Sauce

I gotta say, tacos are one of my favorite meals ever! Growing up my mother and I had them practically every other week and even now I still adore them. Delicious, cheap, and quick. Many days that is the most I can ask for.

With a handful of spices that you probably already have hidden in your cabinets you can easily throw together these flavorful tacos. To make things even more interesting drizzle some of this ridiculously tasty avocado cream sauce over the top to take your ordinary tacos to a whole new level. Continue reading “Beef Tacos with Avocado Cream Sauce”

Frozen Meal Prep: Mexican Lasagna

I decided to do an experiment this weekend and I am happy to announce that it was a success! Something I have learned in the kitchen is to roll with the punches and adapt as you go. I took this idea after binge watching the food network channel and saw one chef make enchiladas, another make a glorious lasagna, and yet another make a tasty looking Mexican rice casserole. I decided to combine all of these elements and create my own version in my itty bitty kitchen. Thankfully, I am happy with the results and figured I should share my success with you. Continue reading “Frozen Meal Prep: Mexican Lasagna”